twitter things to keep in mind

  1. don't follow me if you're one of those people that police ships and what people can or cannot do. just don't
  2. don't follow me if you're kin with leo/takumi from feif
  3. i have a more private (kin/vent) twitter and nsfw twitter, you can ask me for those
  4. i talk a LOT and im a very heavy twitter user. (it's because i have nothing to do) i also might disappear for days once in a while
  5. i make nsfw jokes
  6. i frequently misspell things on purpose
  7. i sometimes post gore that ive drawn..sorry ill try to tag it lol (i use [gore] and [blood])
  8. ill usually follow back
  9. please don't be scared to talk to me i want to be friends


→ basic information about me

→ id list